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How To Make Money With Private Sites

Private Sites are web sites which provide information, and/or resources, and/or tools, and/or services to members who join and pay a one-off or monthly/quarterly/yearly fee.

The way private sites work is after a member joins the private site they are usually given a user-name/password and log in to the private section to access the information that they paid for.

The big advantage of private sites is that if you information is updated regularly and is good quality many members will renew their subscriptions again and again - building you a residual income even if you do little additional marketing.

The disadvantages of private sites is that you probably need to frequently update the members' area (potentially lots of work!), and you absolutely must make sure your web site is reliable - or otherwise members will not be able to access the information that they paid for.

To set up a private site you will need not only the private area, but also a public area explaining the benefits of purchasing membership, and a subscription management system to keep track of members' user-names and passwords. Creating your own subscription management system most likely requires significant programmng or help from a programmer - or you can use Verotel's payment system which includes CGI scripts you can put on your site (you need to install them but not program them).

If you do not want to be tied to regularly updating the information you provide, or don't want to deal with subscriptions, you might want to consider creating an E-Book instead.

  • You have your own unique product. (Less competition, and great for marketing and publicity)
  • Customers are purchasing from you - if they like the product, you can offer them additional products/services and sell them those too, later.
  • High profit for each sale (you only need to make a relatively small number of sales to make a good profit).
  • No limit on the amount of sales that you can (potentially) make.
  • Potential residual income

  • You must spend time creating the members' area in the first place.
  • You must spend time updating the members' area in the first place.
  • You need a way to manage members' subscriptions and control access to the private area.
  • You need a very reliable web site.
  • Customer Service - you need to devote at least part of your time to customer service (answering questions etc.)

Step-by-step Plan
  1. Develop an idea for your Private Site

    You need to come up with an idea for which you can create content, and which members' will consider valuable enough to pay to access.

  2. Set up Your Web Site

    You will need:

  3. Create the Private Area

    Now you need to create the content for the members' area. (don't forget you will probably need to update this periodically!)

  4. Create Member-Subscription Management System

    You need to plan ahead based on how you are going to accept payment's from your customers. Regardless of which method you choose you need some method of providing members' password-based access.

    Don't forget that Verotel's payment system has the necessary scripts - so this might be enough reason in itself to use them to accept customers' payments.

  5. Get Ready To Accept Online Payments

    You must be able to accept online payments, especially payment by credit card.

    • If you wish to sell products delivered over the Internet (such as downloads), you might want to look at ClickBank. They act as a retailer, integrate into your website, and offer an affordable and flexible system.

    • If you need to charge a monthly or periodic fee (e.g. a subscription) you might want to look at Verotel.

    • If you want your own merchant account and are in the USA (this may be the best option if you know you are going to be dealing with a large volume or have already got an established business) go to Electronic Transfer, Inc..

    • More information about accepting payments online can be found here.

  6. Write Your Sales Letter

    "Copy Writing" is a combination of art and science. It is probably the single most important marketing skill you can learn, as without a good sales letter it is very hard to convince visitors to your web site to buy from you.

    There are many good copy writing guides. My suggestion would be to choose one that you like, buy it - and - most importantly - read it carefully:

    You can find copywriting resources (both online and offline) here:

  7. Marketing Your Site

    Read the rest of this site.

    Review the following free information sites:

    Consider purchasing (and reading and following the ideas) in one or more of these courses:

Disclaimer: All business involves risk. Nobody can guarantee a new business will succeed or make money. Even if an idea may works for somebody else, their results may not be typical, and there is no guarantee that the same idea will work for you.

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