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To communicate on the Internet, computers must have unique identifiers so they can tell one computer from another. These unique identifiers are known as IP addresses. IP addresses are made up of four numbers (each from 0 to 255) separated by decimal points, example:

(Technical experts may also be aware that another IP addressing scheme, called IPv6, is being introduced as well - but for the purposes of simplicity we won't go into details on that).

In many ways IP addresses are similar to telephone numbers. When you "call" an IP address you get connected to the computer to which that IP address is assigned. Example: when your web browser accesses a web site, it will call the IP address of the web server and request a web page be sent back.

An important part of this communication system is that the computer that is being "called", knows the IP address of the computer doing the "calling" - a bit like having Caller ID on your telephone. In the case of a web server providing a web page - it can be reasonably (but not absolutely) confident that two requests in rapid succession from the same IP address are coming from the same computer, and most likely the same person.


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