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In principle it would be possible to create a banner advertisement in any format and size the advertiser wanted - however when tried in real-life this quickly leads to tremendous difficulties: because host sites would never know how much room to leave for banners - and advertisers who potentially have to create different adverts for every individual site showing their adverts,

To avoid this kind of problem, the Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) and the Coalition for Advertising Supported Information & Entertainment (CASIE) have created joint recommendations for nine specific, standard banner ad sizes for the World Wide Web. While it is true, that not every advertiser, site or advertising network uses these sizes - you will find that the vast majority do use at least some of these. In particular:
  • 468 X 60 Full horizontal banners are the most popular size used by advertising networks and banner exchanges.
  • 120 X 60 Buttons are popular with many webmasters as they allow them to incorporate additional advertising over and above the full size banners. For example they may place these Buttons in a side-bar or vertical menu bar.
  • 88 X 31 Micro buttons are very popular with webmasters exchanging links with other sites.
  • Most advertising networks which primarily use 468X60 banners refer to other sizes as "Odd-Sized Banners".
Finally in addition to any image size specifications that a banner exchange, host site or advertising network places on a banner advertisements, there may be additional restrictions they place on the actual banner, including:
  • Animation - there may be restrictions on whether animation is allowed at all - or the types of animation.
  • Content of banners - example: controversial subjects may not be allowed.
  • File Format of banners - usually GIF or JPEG is okay. Sometimes other options may be available too.
  • Size in bytes - they may place restrictions on the size of the actual file to allow quick loading.
  • Transparent - if using GIF banners it is possible to create transparent banners which partially show the background thru the banner. This may or may not be allowed.
IAB/CASIE Recommended Banner Sizes

468 X 60 Full horizontal banner
468 X 60

460 X 55 Full horizontal banner
460 X 55

392 X 72 Full horizontal banner with vertical navigation bar
392 X 72

234 X 60 Half banner
234 X 60

125 X 125 Square banner
125 X 125

120 X 90 Button
120 X 90

120 X 60 Button
120 X 60

88 X 31 Micro button
88 X 31

120 X 240 Vertical banner
120 X 240

The following additional recommendations were introduced on 26th February 2001, but are not yet widely used:

120 X 600 Skyscraper
120 X 600

160 X 600 Wide Skyscraper
160 X 600

180 X 150 Rectangle
180 X 150

300 X 250 Medium Rectangle
300 X 250

336 X 280 Large Rectangle
336 X 280

240 X 400 Vertical Rectangle
240 X 400

250 X 250 Square Pop-up
250 X 250


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