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Measuring the response rate (clicks, leads, sales, etc.) to an advertising campaign.

Whether you're paying for advertising, or using free advertising, it's essential to track your ads, and know which ads are generating the desired response, and which aren't.

Once you locate the campaigns that aren't succeeding, you have the option of either discontinuing that method of promotion (and focusing on something else), or adjusting the campaign and trying again.

If you don't track, you won't know - and you'll continue wasting time (and potentially money) on ineffective methods of promotion.

Another benefit of tracking is that it's possible to test particular ideas and iteratively improve. Sometimes even a minor change in your ad-copy can make a massive difference to the response rates.

Try a "split-run" - the same ad sent to 2 different groups with slightly different headlines or copy - and you'll be able to see the exact effect of individual changes. Keep good records, and you can perform a series of incremental improvements, which individually may not make a huge difference, but taken together, can easily skyrocket your response rates and sales.

The traditional way to test ads (in offline media) is to encode them with unique information, such as a "hidden" field in the address (example: Department Number), and then count the responses for each option.

While this approach still works, and will continue to be used in offline media, on the Internet, the whole process can be easily and cheaply automated. Simply include a slightly different tracking URL or auto-responder address in each of your different advertising messages, and the counting is automatic.

Climbing the ladder of success is a step-by-step process, so put your foot on the first rung, by starting to track your ads today.

See also: split-run, telescope test.

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